Am a very good looking girl and understand and lovely girl、i am a hard working and easy going responsible girl i am humble and respectful loving understanding and accommodating i am a person that accepts the issues of life the way they come i try to always make my self happy and cheerful because the better days of life are still yet to come

  • delphineseeさん
  • PCユーザー
  • 東京都 delphine (東京都出身)
  • 29歳(6月生まれ/ふたご座/B型)
  • 157cm 体型 がっしり
  • 職業 会社役員/年収400万円/短大卒/離婚歴あり子供なし
  • タバコ 吸わない
  • お酒 付き合い程度
  • ギャンブル やらない
  • 趣味 am looking for my love


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